Fine Art Society New Zealand


We offer various types of valuation, including two printed versions.

Fine Art Society valuer, Grant Bezett travels around the country regularly and can arrange a visit to value your paintings.

The standard 'Insurance Valuation' for is for replacement purposes. This is the price one would expect to pay to replace a lost artwork  from a dealer gallery.

A 'Market Appraisal' valuation differs inasmuch as it is used to determine a value for estate purposes, such as in a matrimonial split or a deceased estate and is based on what one would realistically expect to realise on the open market.

We can often give a free initial appraisal of approximate values before undertaking a formal valuation. Often in a multiple collection there could be works that do not warrant the expense of a written valuation and we will discuss that at the time.

Written valuations can be presented as either: individual certificates for each artwork (for collections of less the four), or in the form of a bound catalogue for larger collections.

Could YOUR painting could be the next big find?

A small unsigned oil was purchased in a Northland junk shop for $5.

After careful research the painting was attributed by Fine Art Society New Zealand director, Grant Bezett, to the important Canadian artist Lawren S. Harris (1885 - 1970).

Following publicity prior to the auction this attribution was supported by the recognised Canadian authorities on the work of Lawren Harris.

The interest generated by the story of the painting’s discovery ensured spirited bidding which saw it top its high estimate, selling for $58,000

Single valuation certificate

Fees for written valuations

Insurance Valuations

$140.00 for one work - thereafter $70 per item (larger collections please contact us)

Market Appraisal

$140.00 for one work - thereafter $70 per item  (larger collections please contact us)

Market Appraisal and Insurance Valuations together -  the Market Appraisal is reduced to $70 per item

Bound catalogue valuation

If you have works that you would  like valued, please click the email address below.


To assist with this service,  measurements and details of the work, along with a digital photograph, will enable us to deal with your enquiry promptly.


We also require your physical address and contact number to arrange possible on site appraisal as necessary.